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Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(15 July 1877)
... landscape, “Chill October.” & ...
Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(15 November 1878)
... like that landscape of Cooseman's for instance. I am very ...
Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(7 September 1880)
Dear Theo, I received in good order the prints, etchings, etc., which you sent me some time ago, and I thank you very much. You did me a great service by sending them. I can tell you that I have sketched the ten sheets of “Les Travaux des Champs” by Millet (almost the size of a page in Cours de Dessin Bargue), and that I have completely finished one. I should have done more, but first I wanted to make the Exercices au Fusain by Bargue, which Mr. Tersteeg has kindly lent me, and I have now finished the sixty sheets. In addition, I have made a drawing of “Evening Prayer,” after the etching which you sent me. I wish I could show them to you and get your opinion of all this, as well as of some other drawings - for instance, a large sepia drawing after Th. Rousseau, “Four dans les Landes.” [Oven in the Landes - vast plain south of Bordeaux.] I had already done it twice in watercolour before I succeeded in finishing it. As I told you before, I should like very much to copy “Le Buisson” ...
Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(24 September 1880)
Dear Theo, Your letter has done me good and I thank you for having written to me in the way you have. The roll with a new selection of etchings and various prints has just arrived. First and foremost the masterly etching, “Le Buisson” by Daubigny and Ruysdael. Well! I propose to make two drawings, in sepia or something else, one after that etching, the other after “Le Four dans les Landes” by Th. Rousseau. Indeed, I have already done a sepia of the latter, but if you compare it with Daubigny's etching you will see that it contrasts feebly, although considered on its own the sepia may betray some tone and sentiment. I shall have to return to it and tackle it again. I am still working on Bargue's Cours de Dessin, and intend to finish it before I go on to anything else, for both my hand and my mind are growing daily more supple and strong as a result, and I cannot thank Mr. Tersteeg enough for having been so kind as to lend it to me. The models are outstanding. Meanwhile I am reading ...
Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(1 November 1880)
72 Boulevard du Midi Dear Theo, In answer to your letter I will tell you a few things. First, I went to see Mr. Roelofs the day after receiving your letter. He told me that in his opinion from now on I must draw principally from nature, that is, from either plaster cast or model, but not without the guidance of someone who knows it well. He - and others too - have advised me so earnestly to go and work at the academy, either here or in Antwerp or wherever I can, that I felt obliged to try to get admitted to the said academy, though I don't think it so very pleasant. Here in Brussels the teaching is free of charge (in Amsterdam, for instance, I hear it costs 100 guilders a year) and one can work in a well-heated and well-lighted room, which is good, especially in winter. I get on very well with the Bargues, I am making progress. Besides that, lately I have been busy drawing something that took a lot of work, but still I am glad I have done it: I drew a rather large-sized skeleton with pen and ink on five ...

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